The Malawi High Commission in Nairobi was opened immediately after Malawi's independence in 1964. The mission was closed in 2005, but re-opened in 2013.

The Mission's existence is defined through its mandate, vision, mission and strategic objectives


To implement Malawi’s foreign policy in the countries and organisations of accreditation namely Kenya, Central Africa Republic, Eritrea, Israel, Somalia, Uganda, and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), and United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat) in order to promote, protect and safeguard Malawi’s interests.



To be a high-quality foreign service provider that contributes to an economically advanced and secure Malawi.



To interpret and implement Malawi’s Foreign Policy in order to promote the country’s interests in the countries of accreditation      with a special emphasis on development diplomacy.


Strategic objectives

 I. To safeguard the country’s economic, social and political interests;

II. To promote wealth creation, prosperity, and well-being of Malawians through sustainable investment and commerce;

III. To advance peace and security, democratic ideals and good governance;

IV. To promote international collaboration and cooperation in environmental diplomacy;

V. To help promote Malawi’s image and socio-cultural values.